Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Hard to imagine that this is the first thing I'm posting this year. :-)

Apologies if this is one of those blogs that you keep checking sporadically in the hope that maybe ... some day ... It seems everyone has quit blogging now adays. I miss a lot of people :-(

I think my creativity is coming back to me - I kinda let it wither for it - so I'll be writing more. No promises as to regularity but I will write more (and finally finish reposting all my oldies)

Happy New Year!



My lover, my best friend
Ok maybe not quite best friend as she can be quite capricious
But definitely one of my oldest,
Most constant, of companions.
I’ve dabbled in flings with all the forms of insatiability
Most notably alcohol, sex, sugar highs …
But they come and go
Insomnia stays true.
She’s always there when I need her
Those nights when my thoughts are all a-twirl
When the pain starts biting and prickling,
Attacking from all sides
Or when the void comes to visit
That empty, sinking, un-fillable feeling
Which sits heavy and toad like upon my chest …
Sometimes I reach out for sleep
But she is a fleeting floozy and way overrated
Besides, who wants that lack of control?
That total lack of awareness and vulnerability to the passing whims of the night?
That false peace which is all too quickly shattered by the simplest things like a sun ray
Or a car backfiring?
Pah! Sleep is for suckers
Insomnia makes me intelligent!
She forces me to read,
Watch television shows,
Catch up on the news,
Stirs up my creativity, (much like now)
Makes me be one with my thoughts
(Or at least gives me the time to actualise them).
Like all good relationships,
There is give and take.
My insomnia can be very demanding.
She drains me of energy
Leaving me tired and listless
Making me most unproductive and quick to snap
Not to mention a sense of constant irritability and impatience.
A few days in and I’m all sallow skin and dark circles.
She takes a lot, my insomnia
But with is all that compared with all the joy and love she lavishes?
I forsee a long and fruitful relationship ahead of us
Perhaps my best one yet.
I must go
Insomnia and I have a long night ahead of us.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the poem on insomnia. I've dealt with this issue for over 6 years and took a drug called Trazadone for about 5. I finally went to a Chinese herbalist who has help me get back to sleeping - plus a I swapped out my bed for an adjustable bed with memory foam, which I highly recommend!

Phil on insomnia cures said...

That was very creative! Do you think insomnia is more prevalent in creative people?

Kafo said...


i hate Insomnia,
i don't think we are friends whenever she comes around
i am also occupied with Sleep
oo how much i love Sleep
his arms embrace mii and
his words are my dreams ....

this is good
glad that you are back

New York Acupuncturist said...

Acupuncture is great for insomnia. You should find a good acupuncturist in your area.